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TracerX Vs. Log4Net


  • TracerX uses a hierarchy of loggers just like Log4Net. The parent-child relationships are determined the same way (by the dotted substrings of the logger names). For example, "A.B" is the parent of "A.B.Anything".
  • As with Log4Net, TracerX has a method called GetLogger() that takes either a string or a type and returns the corresponding logger object, creating it if it doesn't already exist.
  • TracerX provides the same trace levels as Log4Net, plus one more (Verbose).
  • A logger inherits its parent's trace level, all the way up to the root logger, unless explicitly overridden.
  • The signatures of the Log4Net logging methods (e.g. Log.Info(), Log.Debug(), etc.) are duplicated in TracerX.
  • TracerX can be configured via an XML file, the application config file, an XmlElement object, or programatically.
  • Output can be directed to any combination of a file, the console, the event log, or System.Trace.WriteLine().
  • The RendererMap collection, IObjectRenderer interface, and DefaultRenderer object work the same in TracerX as in Log4Net.


  • TracerX does not have a generic framework for adding multiple or custom appenders. It will not log user messages to a database table or email.
  • TracerX does not support remote logging.
  • TracerX does not have type converters, data formatters (other than IObjectRenderer), plugins, or repository hierarchies. It is relatively simple in implementation.
  • TracerX has one developer. Log4Net has about 15.

Advantages of TracerX

  1. The logs are much easier to read in the TracerX viewer than in a text editor.
  2. The TracerX viewer allows you to decide what threads, loggers, and trace levels you are interested in after the log is generated (as well as before).
  3. TracerX's implementation of circular logging is better than Log4Net’s RollingFileAppender because TracerX does it all within a single file. In addition, you can designate a portion of the initial logging (containing output from initialization/startup) to be preserved even after the log wraps.
  4. I think TracerX will perform better than Log4Net and I’m sure the files will be significantly smaller as well, though I don’t have hard numbers on that.
  5. TracerX generates one output file per execution of the host application and displays it in chronological order. Log4Net's RollingFileAppender can cause the output from a given execution to begin in the middle of one file and end in another.

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