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by MarkLTX
Nov 3, 2017
3:16 AM

Associated with Release: TracerX 7.0.

Updated help project.

by MarkLTX
Nov 3, 2017
12:34 AM

Renamed "related files" to "special files"

by MarkLTX
Oct 29, 2017
9:41 PM

Suppress CS1591

by MarkLTX
Oct 29, 2017
9:14 PM

Change server names to blue. Add "OK & Connect" button to serve connection editor. Allow service to run in viewer process.

by MarkLTX
Sep 28, 2017
9:12 PM

Logger: Signal viewer when process ends or file is closed.

by MarkLTX
(1 download)
Sep 21, 2017
12:53 AM

Major update. Version 7.0

by MarkLTX
Apr 17, 2013
4:18 AM

Associated with Release: TracerX 6.1.

Release 6.1
Added start page to viewer, made viewer more ClickOnce friendly
Fixed bug in logger that occurs when logging to multiple binary files.
Now a Visual Studio 2010 solution (still targets .NET 3.5 Client Profile).

by Project Collectio...
Oct 1, 2012
10:57 PM

Upgrade: New Version of LabDefaultTemplate.xaml. To upgrade your build definitions, please visit the following link:

by Project Collectio...
Oct 1, 2012
10:51 PM

Checked in by server upgrade

by MarkLTX
Mar 9, 2012
4:09 AM

Fixed problem with images in ListView headers.
Forced crumb bar color to blue.

by MarkLTX
Jan 16, 2012
1:45 AM

This is version 6.0.1201.15192
Logger changes:
- Fixed a bug that occurs when logging a null string.
- Added property to specify a string to substitute for null objects.

Viewer changes:
- Added option to reload log when it's restarted.
- Added try/catch around RestoreScrollPosition().

by MarkLTX
Sep 8, 2011
2:32 AM

This is release 6.0
Changes since 5.0...
Changed target framework to be the client-only subset.
Allow each Logger to have it's own BinaryFile and/or TextFile.
Fixed bug in how FullFilePolicy applies to text files.
Use SHA1 hash for password protection.
Added encryption for password protected files.
Changed target framework to be the client-only subset.
Fixed annoying delay that sometimes occurs when launching the viewer.

by MarkLTX
Jan 12, 2011
3:18 AM

Fixed bug in viewer regarding auto-update.
Download this, not changeset 61550.

by MarkLTX
Jan 12, 2011
2:27 AM

Version 5.1
Logger and Viewer now target the client-only subset of the .NET Framework.
Suitable for downloading.

by MarkLTX
Nov 8, 2010
12:28 AM

New release: 5.0.1011.7135

Viewer changes:
- Added a user control called TracerXViewerControl that allows the viewer to be hosted as a UserControl in other applications.
- When loading large files over the network, the viewer makes a temporary local copy for faster loading.
- Added File menu item "Recent Folders".
- Eliminated flickering that occurs when file is updated by the logger and new records are read by the viewer.
- Added option to specify whether next/prev thread buttons should search by thread name or by thread number.
- Added option for bold font.
- Fixed bug in crumb bar that (rarely) crashes the viewer when launched.
- Fixed bug in file watcher code that sometimes crashes when loading a file that's still being updated.

Logger changes:
- Added Sandcastle Help File Builder project and improved XML comments for help file.
- Added option to used Kb instead of Mb for max file size.
- Added option to use "rolling files" instead of single circular file.
- Added thread-safe method to close and re-open log files.
- Added events raised when files are opened and closed.
- Added overload of GetLogger() that gets a Logger from another AppDomain.
- Added EventHandler destination that raises a cancellable event for each log message.
- Added option to number the current log file with "_00".
- Added Logger.ThreadName property, which takes precedence Thread.CurrentThread.Name and can be changed any time.
- Added logging method that allows record timestamp to be explicitly specified.
- Fixed bug that occurs when method calls are logged to the Debug destination in conjunction with using the Event Log destination.
- Fixed bug that occurs when different method calls are logged to different destinations due to trace levels.

by MarkLTX
May 3, 2010
4:49 PM

Associated with Release: 4.0.

New major version: 4.0.1005.01163

Now using Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5 Framework.

Logger Changes:
- Added option to open existing file in append mode.
- Added ability to create plain text files.
- Now supports up to 99 archives (backups).
- Fixed bug where "Undefined" appeared in output.

Viewer Changes:
- Supports multi-session (appended) log files.
- Changes to the log file immediately appear
in the viewer.
- Added ability to filter by method name.
- Added ability to quickly color-code lines by
thread, loggger, method, or trace level.
- Added buttons to find next/previous block
of output from current/different thread.
- Fixed bug in crumb bar navigation.
- Fixed bug associated with deep call stacks.

by MarkLTX
Jan 2, 2009
4:40 AM

New major version: 3.0.0901.01212
Split the TracerX.exe assembly into two: TracerX-Logger.dll and TracerX-Viewer.exe.
Viewer: Added a crumb-bar showing the call stack leading to the currently selected line.
Viewer: Added support for coloring (highlighting) rules that set the background and foreground colors of lines that match specified criteria.
Viewer: Added CSV export feature.
Viewer: Added regular expression support to the Find dialog.
Viewer: Changed version checking algorithm and added a feature to disable and hide version checking via the app.config file.
Logger: Added static Logger property (Logger.Current) that returns the last Logger that sent any output to any destination for the calling thread.
Logger: Marked TraceLevel.Undefined as [Obsolete], though still supported. Use TraceLevel.Inherited in new code.

by MarkLTX
Jan 2, 2009
4:10 AM

DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Renaming TracerX directory to TracerX-Logger

by MarkLTX
Jan 2, 2009
4:08 AM

DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Removing viewer directory.

by MarkLTX
Sep 19, 2008
2:58 AM

Tinkered with buttons for absolute/relative times.

by MarkLTX
(1 download)
Sep 18, 2008
4:09 AM

Made 'Find' and 'Full Text' dialogs non-modal and added command to close all open windows.
Added option to Full Text dialog to follow current row in main window.
Changed buttons for switching between absolute and relative times.
Removed extraneous code from sample.
Simplified code for highlighting selected items when main window loses focus.

by MarkLTX
Aug 19, 2008
3:24 AM

Fixed bug causing File\Properties to display the properties dialog twice.
Updated copyright date.
Removed handler for System.Windows.Forms.Application.ThreadException since it seems to hide the fact that an unhandled exception occurred and it isn't being used anyway.

by MarkLTX
Jun 28, 2008
4:43 PM

Fixed bug that crashes the viewer if a recently created file is selected when the recently viewed list is empty.
Changed Next/Prev bookmark commands to select the bookmarked line, not just focus it.

by MarkLTX
Jun 20, 2008
4:20 AM

Put recently viewed and recently created files in separate submenus. Added XML configuration to enable/disable tracking of recently created files.

by MarkLTX
(1 download)
Jun 18, 2008
4:51 PM

Do not download. The logger maintains a list of recently generated log files, which the viewer displays under the File menu.